World Earth Day

22nd Apr, 2024

Second Class embarked on a beach clean-up activity, collecting an array of discarded items ranging from plastic waste such as bottles, takeaway containers, dog toys, baby pacifiers, doll heads, coffee lids, and plastic bags, to other debris including socks, metal, coffee cups, and polystyrene!

Ms. Daly’s class creatively transformed recycled paper and card materials from their scrap box into vibrant paper flowers, adding a colourful touch to their globes.

Ms. Brennan’s class took an innovative approach by producing educational videos about environmental conservation using a green screen and Padcaster equipment. In a creative twist, they repurposed scrap paper left from various art projects throughout the year into imaginative abstract paper sculptures.

Ms. McPolin’s class crafted seed bombs aimed at supporting bee populations, utilising their classroom resources in a meaningful way to contribute to biodiversity.