Green Schools

We are thankful to the Green Committee, who did such a fantastic job in school and at home helping the environment. 

We were very busy on the Green School Team. We met once a week with Mrs. Daly and Ms. Devlin to discuss ways we could help the environment at school and at home and how we could encourage our friends and family to help us. Our theme was water, as we had had so much rain. We decided to recycle the rain water from the school water butt and used the water to water plants instead of using water from the tap.

We are really proud of our Green School achievements. We have four Green Flags; Recycling Flag, Energy Flag, Water Flag and Travel Flag.

Remember we can help the environment at school and at home by saving water, turning off electrical appliances, walking to school or sharing lifts and recycling. We have lots of recycling areas in the school, if you have any old mobile phones, batteries, or stamps lying around the house send them into the school and we will recycle them.